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Element 710 - International Baccalaureate aggregate score


Element 710 was included as part of the University Applications and Offers data collection from 2010. There have been some modifications and updates to coding notes to this element since to help streamline documentation.

Table 1. Change control information with links to relevant versions 1

First year version applied Last year version applied Version Change Reason for change Notice date Issue date
2015 Current 5.00 Re‑format document to conform with the department's application upgrade Ministerial Notice document system upgrade 22 May 2014 22 May 2014
2014 2014 4.00 Applications and Offers Data Collection - Updated coding notes to include reference to TAC's Data Elements Map in the HEIMS Web Services Specification. To clarify information 27 Mar 2013 27 Mar 2013
2012 2013 3.00 New versioning applied to data elements No change in requirements - Implementation of new document management system. 11 Mar 2011 11 Mar 2011
2010 2011 1.1 Modify coding notes Clarification 30 Nov 2009 30 Nov 2009
2010 2010 1.0 New element for purpose of University Applications and Offers Data collection New Collection 30 Nov 2009 05 Dec 2008
Pre‑HESA: There is no earlier version of this element.

Note 1: A version of an element can be associated with one or more reporting years. Where there are multiple versions applicable to a reporting year, only a link to the latest version is provided.

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