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Element 584 - Unique Student Identifier


Element 584 was introduced to the VET FEE‑HELP collection from the 2016 reporting year as part of the Opens in a new window: USI Initiative to allow for greater streamlining of reporting requirements in the future, particularly in terms of reducing duplication across VET data collections.

Table 1. Change control information with links to relevant versions 1

First year version applied Last year version applied Version Change Reason for change Notice date Issue date
2016 Current 1.0 New element N/A 6 Jul 2015 6 Jul 2015
Pre-HESA: There is no earlier version of this element.

Note 1: A version of an element can be associated with one or more reporting years. Where there are multiple versions applicable to a reporting year, only a link to the latest version is provided.

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