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Element 384 - Total amount charged


Element 384 was included as part of the Higher Education Student data collection under the new policy and program initiatives introduced under the Opens in a new window: Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA) which was implemented in 2005 and was revised to "Total amount charged". Prior to the reporting of data in 2005 it was modified to 8 characters to include the reporting of cents. The element was included in the VET FEE‑HELP data collection in 2009. There have been updates to coding notes for HECS‑HELP and SA‑HELP for this element for clarification

Table 1. Change control information with links to relevant versions 1

First year version applied Last year version applied Version Change Reason for change Notice date Issue date
2018 Current 6.00 Update to coding notes that only applies to higher education Commonwealth supported students For accuracy in reporting 18 Sep 2017 18 Sep 2017
2017 2017 5.00 Updated coding notes to remove reference to HECS‑HELP status and discount calculations for Commonwealth supported students who pay their student contributions up front. Removal of HECS‑HELP discount for Commonwealth supported students who pay their contributions up front. 24 Aug 2016 24 Aug 2016
2015 2016 4.00 Re‑format document to conform with the department's application upgrade Ministerial Notice document system upgrade 22 May 2014 22 May 2014
2013 2014 3.30 Update of code description and coding notes Clarification 14 Feb 2012 18 Dec 2012
2012 2012 3.20 Update of coding notes to clarify how HECS‑HELP eligible students maybe reported For Clarification 14 Feb 2012 14 Feb 2012
2012 2012 3.10 Update of coding notes that describe how SA‑HELP data for this element is to be reported. New reporting requirement 11 Mar 2011 7 Dec 2011
2012 2012 3.00 New versioning applied to data elements No change in requirements - Implementation of new document management system. 11 Mar 2011 11 Mar 2011
2009 2011 1.40 Addition of coding notes and update of element description to accommodate use by VET providers Introduction of VET FEE‑HELP 5 Dec 2008 5 Dec 2008
2006 2008 1.30 Code meanings modified to reflect Australian Bureau of Statistics classification. For clarification 18 Dec 2006 18 Dec 2006
2006 2006 1.20 Addition of coding notes Clarification of legislative requirements. To clarify that the amount charged for Commonwealth supported students must have zero centres when aggregated to the unit of study 12 Jul 2006 12 Jul 2006
2005 2006 1.10 Element has been expanded to 8 characters to include cents Required for accurate reporting of HELP up‑front payments at unit of study level 26 Apr 2005 26 Apr 2005
2005 2005 1.00 Coding and code meanings modified to support the policy and program initiatives under HESA Implementation of new policy and initiatives under HESA 2003. 9 Dec 2004 9 Dec 2004
Pre‑HESA: Element 384 was included in the original Higher Education student data collection in 1989. It was revised to "Amount paid up front" and continued as part of the student data collection under the new policy and program initiatives introduced under the Opens in a new window: Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA) which was implemented in 2005. There have been no significant coding changes to the coding of this element.

Note 1: A version of an element can be associated with one or more reporting years. Where there are multiple versions applicable to a reporting year, only a link to the latest version is provided.

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