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Simplifying Verification - webinar questions

Q: If there are two Data Verification periods each year, one being for first half year and the other for full year, does that mean that student data with census dates from 1 January to 30 June is verified twice?

A: That is correct. Your first half year data is consolidated into your full year reports. It gives you a final opportunity to check the accuracy of all data reported for the year, including any revisions to your first half year that have been submitted after the verification reports for this period were signed off.


Q: If our organisation has no students to report for a submission deadline, do we let you know?

A: As the reporting deadlines are determined by your census dates at times you may not have any student data to report for a period. In those cases you only need to notify the data collections team via email. Otherwise, we will be expecting data from you and you will be included in our submission follow‑ups.


Q: Do I need to action warnings messages in my Course file submitted?

A: Any warning messages received in a submission should always be reviewed as the message may be alerting you to inconsistencies with your data and may cause you some concern during verification or reporting future submissions.


Q: A warning message has occurred when validating our HELP due file. Shall we wait or resubmit the file?

A: When validating your HELP Due file it is important to review and resolve any warning messages to ensure that consistent data is being reported for a student. The HELP Due file works differently in HEPCAT to the other file types. It's not necessary to submit this file, as it only requires a status of validated for the records to be included with the student submission.


Q: The reports for my organisation shows no data for 2013 year and a high variation flag, is this because there is no data to compare with?

A: That is correct. The verification reports compare your reported data for the current year against the data you have reported in previous years. The flags highlight the percentage change between years.


Q: Do we need to report credit transfer and recognition of prior learning (RPL) units of study for our VET FEE‑HELP students?

A: You are required to report information on your eligible VET FEE‑HELP students undertaking units of study. For VET providers, if an eligible VET FEE‑HELP student receives credit or is granted RPL for a unit of study, reporting against the credit elements E560E566 is optional.

If your organisation has charged a fee to the student to assess their recognition of prior learning this fee can be deferred through the VET FEE‑HELP loan scheme, you are required to report the charged fee as unit of study. For more information please refer to our Opens in a new window: Recognition of prior learning RPL diagram Reporting RPL Guide PDF (148kB).


Q: Our organisation needs to submit a revision file to correct our reported data. Do I need to do this before starting the verification process?

A: If you know in advance that your data needs correcting then it's best practice to revise your data prior to activating your verification reports. This will ensure that your reports will display your latest data.

Data can be revised throughout the verification process along as you refresh your reports after the revision has been accepted by HEIMS . This will display the revised data in your verification reports.


Q: If the Variation status in the reports show "No Data", what does that mean?

A: The verification reports will display "No Data" if your organisation has not reported any data to the department for the relevant verification period.


Q: When creating a VET Enrolment Revision in HEPCAT do we need to import the VEN file or will HEPCAT automatically use the reported VEN?

A: The VET Enrolment Revision process enables you to import your entire VEN file or just the student records you are revising, together with the key elements that identify the existing students record in HEIMS. Importing files into a submission is not an automatic function. This process is performed by the user. For more details is provided in the VET Enrolment Revision Guide.


Q: I have a high variation status in my student load liability file (VLL). Is this based on the reported EFTSL being different to the actual?

A: The verification reports compare the data that your organisation has reported for 2014 first half year data against your 2013 data. As your organisation has not reported any data for the 2013 year the variation status flag for the Student Load Liability Distribution Report is showing high. Thank you for raising this as there appears to be a fault in this report. The variation status flags should not appear if there is no previous data to compare.


Q: What action do I take if a student withdraws after I signed off on my Verification Reports?

A: When a student withdraws from a unit of study after the census date has passed and your organisation has agreed to refund tuition fees paid or remit students the HELP debt due to special circumstances then it is essential to revise the data as soon as practical.

If the verification process has been finalised then this revision will not be reflected in your reports. However, if verification is still in progress then you can request our team to unlock your reports and before re‑signing off you will need to refresh your reports to display the latest changes.

If the student withdraws after the census date and special circumstances do not apply, the student has incurred the debt for the unit and there is no requirement for the organisation to take any further action.


Q: After half year verification has been finalised can we revise our data for this period?

A: Data for any period can be revised at any time during the year. However, it's essential for your organisation and your students that revisions are reported data as soon as possible after an error has been identified. If the revision relates to a previous verification period the changes will not be reflected in your signed off reports. However, your revised data will appear in the live HEIMS Data View reports for the relevant period.


Q: When you say 'check your data is accurate and then refresh I'm assuming that there is some editing that needs to take place? If so, where is this editing completed?

A: During the verification process you may identify that data you have previously reported is incorrect. HEPCAT enables you to correct most data by submitting a revisions file. Detailed information on revising your data is provided on the Revising your data toolkit.


Q: Can we report a student for 1st semester with a census date of 28/03/2014 as this student was excluded from our submission due to an incorrect tax file number?

A: Yes. Students who were not included in a previous student submission can be reported anytime even if the reporting period has passed. Simply report the students' records in another student submission. If the student has incurred a HELP debt the correct details will be provided to the ATO in the next quarterly data transfer of HELP debts.


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