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Verifying your data cheatsheet

Verification is your organisation's certification that your data is complete and accurate. You are certifying that:

  • all students you have reported in xxxxxxx are genuinely undertaking study and;
    • their enrolment details are correct
    • the students have been reported in the correct course and units of study
    • their study load and EFTSL values are correct
    • HELP debts and fees are accurately reported
    • a completion status has been reported for all of your students units of study
    • a record has been reported for every course completed in xxxxxxx.

1. How do you verify your data?

You verify your data in Opens in a new window: HEIMS Online. Just click on the Data Verification tab in the menu.

There are 4 steps to signing off your reports:

There are 4 steps to signing off your reports

2. The reports

There are 5 reports to sign off. These provide a complete profile of your students and their studies:

There are 5 reports to sign off.

3. Top tips

  • Check out the variations highlighted in your reports – it may indicate that something is wrong with your data.
  • Don't forget to REFRESH your reports before sign‑off if you have reported new student records or changed any existing records in HEIMS.
  • Refreshing your data is an overnight process. This means that the refreshed data will not be visible until the following day.
  • Sign off is final! Make sure all your data changes are made before you sign off.
  • Use the resources on HEIMSHELP to help you.

4. Lodging a statutory declaration in HITS

The final step in certifying your data is lodging a statutory declaration signed by either the Chief Executive Officer or Chief Finance Officer in the HELP IT System (HITS).

This is uploaded under Ad‑Hoc documents, using the category Administration and sub‑category Statutory Declarations. You will need to attach a copy of your 5 verification reports in excel format with the statutory declaration.

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