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Revising VET Unit of Study Completions (VCU) data

The VET Unit of Study Completions submission allows you to revise data that has been previously reported.

Revisions can be submitted to the department at any time after the original record(s) have been successfully submitted to HEIMS. It is best practice to revise your data shortly after an error has been identified so as not to disadvantage your students and organisation. However revisions to students completions must be reported no later than the verification due date.

Further information on revising completions data is also available in the Opens in a new window: Reporting completions data webinar presentation PDF (1.85MB) OR Reporting completions data webinar presentation PPTX (1.58MB).

If you can't find what you need to revise your data, contact us.

Revising VET unit of study completions data

How to revise VET unit of study completions data

The following section includes the information about how to revise data you have previously reported on the VET unit of study (VCU) file. Depending on the type of element there are some rules around how you revise your data.

There are two main components to revising your data:

  • the key elements that identify the record to be revised
  • the Unit of study completion status (element 355) that tells the system what a unit of studies completion status is, and

Key elements are the primary values that uniquely identify a record. HEIMS uses these to locate an existing record in the database. To revise your data you will need to enter the same information for the key elements that was reported on the original record.

Key elements for a record on the VET Unit of study completions (VCU) file are:

  • E313 (Student identification code)
  • E307 (Course code)
  • E354 (Unit of study code) and
  • E489 (Unit of Study Census date)

1. How to revise element 355

You can revise a record using the following process:

  1. Create a VET Unit of Study Completions submission in HEPCAT
  2. Add the record you want to revise with the new value for Unit of study completion status (element 355) to the Unit of study completions (CU) file.
  3. Check that the key elements for the record are the same as originally reported
  4. Validate the file in HEPCAT and submit the data to the department
  5. Check your revised data in your Opens in a new window: HEIMS Online reports.

2. How to revise elements: 307, 313, 354, 488, 489

The only element you can revise in the VET Unit of Study Completions submission is the VET Unit of study completion status (element 355).

If you need to revise one of the above elements that relate to the unit of study please see the VET Student Revision submission.

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Scope and structure guides

The VET Unit of Study Completions submission includes data from one file – the VET unit of study completions (VCU) file.

The guides to the scope, structure and data elements for each file are available by selecting the buttons below.


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