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Changes to Student Administration Systems

Where a provider implements a new student administration system, merges with another institution, or simply makes changes to their current system and this impacts on the reporting of their data to the department, the table below outlines the processes that will need to be implemented to ensure continuity in the reporting and processing of data in HEIMS.

Important note: Details of your system changes are to be sent to the department prior to the reporting of any data.

Previously reported values Action required when these values are changed
  • Student identification code (E313)
  1. To maintain the integrity of your student data a Student concordance submission is required to ensure that all data previously reported is linked to the students new ID. This submission must be provided before reporting any students against new Student IDs.
  2. After the student concordance process, all data (including revisions) must be reported with the students new Id. The old ID can no longer be used.
For more information this Student concordance submission see our training presentation.
  • Course of study code (E533)
  1. Provide a mapping of old and new codes to the department for all courses of study.
  2. The department will apply a course of study concordance to link the old and new course of study codes.
HEIMS will recognise either Course of Study codes in reported records.

The Course of Study Code mapping must be provided to the department prior to any reporting of the new Course of Study Codes.

A student's Course of Study commencement date remains unchanged in these circumstances.
  • Course code (E307)
  • Unit of study code E354)
  • Academic organisational unit code (E333) (see note below)
  1. Report the new code for all students (continuing and commencing) from the next reporting period.
  2. When revising a record which has been reported with the old code the old code must be used.
Previously reported student records should not be revised to change the record to the new code, as this changes the history of the student's enrolment.


  • The department can create a concordance to match Course of study code (E533) where there is no change to the key values.
  • Revisions to records reported with the old course, unit of study and AOU codes must refer to the old code.

For queries on managing system changes please contact HEIMS.datacollections@education.gov.au.

Note - For Table A and B providers, a change to AOU codes may impact on staff-student ratios. AOU codes reported in the staff data submission should match AOU codes reported on the student submission for the relevant year.

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