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What do I do if my Unit of Study Completions file fails validation?

Why is my submission failing HEIMS validations?

Matching your key elements is the most important step in reporting your completions data. If you do not perfectly match each of the key elements to the original record you will receive a fatal error and your submission will not be accepted into HEIMS.

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What are the key elements for unit of study completions?

The four key elements are:

  • Student identification code (E313)
  • Course code (E307)
  • Unit of study code (E354)
  • Unit of Study Census date (E489)
key elements for unit of study completions

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What errors were made in your submission?

Read your error report to find out why your submission did not pass validations (at Opens in a new window: HEIMS Online).

The most common errors are:

  • 90001 The Unit of Study: [x] does not exist.
  • 90003 The student load record with student identification code: [x], Unit of Study Code: [x], Course Code: [x] and Census Date: [x] does not exist.

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How can I resolve 90001 or 90003 errors?

  1. Check your Unit of Study Completions submission to make sure the four key elements have been reported accurately (see above). Correct your data if there are any errors and resubmit.
  2. Check HEIMS Data View in HEIMS Online to make sure a record exists for you to report a completion status against. Check that the four key elements are correct in HEIMS.
  3. IF HEIMS data is correct but different to your completions submission, update the four key elements in your Unit of Study Completions submission and resubmit.

    IF no record exists in HEIMS, report the missing record in a VET Student submission. Once that submission has been accepted, you can resubmit the Unit of Study Completions submission.

    IF HEIMS data is incorrect you will need to revise your data. See the Revising your data toolkit.

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