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Revising your data toolkit


The Revising your data toolkit provides you with the information you need to correct errors in data you have reported to the Higher Education Information Management System (HEIMS).

Errors can be revised at any time after the original record(s) have been successfully submitted to HEIMS.

While it is best practice to revise your data as soon as possible after you identify an error, all revisions to student debts must be reported no later than the four reporting deadlines. This is essential to ensure accurate reporting of student HELP debts, including all revisions to debts, to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The Reporting to the ATO page explains when HELP debts are sent to the ATO.

 Implementing new student administration system

If you are implementing a new student system or modifying your current system please read Changes to Student Administration Systems. This guide explains how the data you have already reported to HEIMS may be affected when you implement a new system and what to do if you need to revise previously reported data.

The revision guides explain how to revise data reported in each submission.

Checking revised data

Once you have submitted your revised data it is important to check that the data has been updated as you expected. You can do this using the Data View reports in Opens in a new window: HEIMS Online. The key reports that help you check your data are:

 Submission reports

The submission reports provide you with the details of all warning messages that occurred on submission. It is important to review these warnings as they may indicate other possible errors in your data.

 Summary reports

A summary report is provided for the following submissions:

  • Enrolment Revision
  • OS‑HELP Revision
  • Commencement Date Revision

The summary reports list the old value and the new values in HEIMS for each of the elements you have revised.

 HEIMS Data View

You can check individual records in the HEIMS Data View Records for the following data:

  • Unit of study
  • Course
  • Student enrolment
  • Course completions
  • Campus

The How to check your data page in the Checking and verifying your data toolkit explains how to use each of these reports. It includes the HEIMS Online Data View user guide which will help you navigate and view data that you have reported to HEIMS and information on how to interpret the data view reports.


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Training is offered throughout the year and you may register on our Training page and via our eNews. Our training page also hosts training videos and recorded webinars on many key topics, including revisions, which may be viewed at any time. We also offer webinar or face to face training tailored for your team or your organisation.

We recommend that you review our training page and mark the dates of webinars that are relevant to you on your planning calendar.

Contact us

If you need advice about getting started like planning your reporting calendar and training or any questions on reporting data or using HEPCAT, HEIMS Online or HEIMS Administration systems please contact us.