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Fix HEIMS validation errors

After submitting your data with HEPCAT additional validations are performed in HEIMS. All data must pass HEPCAT and HEIMS validations before it is accepted by the department. HEIMS validations are fewer in number than those in HEPCAT and will check that data you are reporting is consistent with previously reported data from your organisation.

There are two error types in HEIMS which reflect those in HEPCAT.

  • Warning validation errors alert you to possible inconsistencies. These errors will not prevent your data from being accepted in HEIMS but may cause issues in future submissions. All warning errors should be reviewed as the incoming value may not update the previously reported data in the HEIMS database.
  • Fatal validation errors occur when incorrect data is being reported. Fatal errors will not allow the incorrect data to be accepted by HEIMS. Your data will be rejected and corrections must be made in HEPCAT.

How to find details of your HEIMS errors

When fatal errors occur the account that submitted the data will be notified that the submission has been rejected as it failed HEIMS validations. They will be directed to view details of the errors in Opens in a new window: HEIMS Online – Submission Reports. A user guide for Submission Reports is available from the Validating your data toolkit.

Step 1:

Check your Opens in a new window: HEIMS Online Submission error reports as they provide confirmation of your submissions accepted or rejected with a detailed description for each validation error. Any inconsistent data will be highlighted in red.

As in HEPCAT, your HEIMS submission reports can be exported to reference students' records in your student management system.

Step 2:

Carefully review your error messages as the details provided will explain why the error occurred.

How to correct your HEIMS errors

Step 1:

To correct your HEIMS errors you will need to log into HEPCAT and re-open the submission.

Step 2:

All submissions containing HEIMS fatal errors will appear in HEPCAT under the status of rejected. If your submission has a status of "Submitted" you will need to retrieve the latest status by clicking on the file menu and clicking on "Retrieve Submission Status".

Step 3:

To correct your data the status of your submission will need to be reset to in progress, you do this by making a small change to one of the values and then click on save. The status of your submission will change from rejected to in progress.

There are two steps for correcting your data

  1. Correct your data in HEPCAT by updating the values. It is important that these changes are provided back to your student management system. Otherwise the same errors can occur in future submissions.
  2. If your data is sourced from your student management system, correct the values in your system and then export your data file. Then follow the steps on how to import data into HEPCAT.

Step 4:

Once your data has been corrected follow the steps to validate and submit your data.

Step 5:

You will be notified if your submission has been accepted or failed. If further HEIMS validation errors have occurred you will need to continue the submit process until all errors have been resolved.

Step 6:

Check your data the day after you have received notification that your submission has been accepted using the Opens in a new window: HEIMS Online submission reports. This will give you time to resolve any reporting errors identified.

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