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Install HEPCAT

The installation of HEPCAT is a two part process. You may need administration rights to your PC and IT Support.


Detailed instructions about installing HEPCAT are available from the Reporting with HEPCAT toolkit – 'Installing HEPCAT' tab and the HEPCAT user guide – Part 1.

  1. The first step is to install the HEPCAT prerequisites.
    That means preparing your PC to run the application and also creating folders required by HEPCAT. You will only be required to install the prerequisites once on your PC.
    As your HEPCAT database is part of the prerequisites it is important that you do not remove the prerequisites from your PC.
  2. The second step is to install the application
    HEPCAT is regularly updated. When reporting data, the latest version is required otherwise you will not be able to submit your data until HEPCAT has been updated to the latest version on your PC.

Once HEPCAT has been installed you can access it by clicking on your PC's start menu. When you first log into HEPCAT you will be required to enter your logon credentials to access HEPCAT.

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