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Allocate CHESSNs

A CHESSN is a unique identifier allocated to all students in receipt of HELP assistance and is an acronym for Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number.


The CHESSN is used to monitor students' commonwealth assistance, is reported with your data and provided to the ATO. The CHESSN remains linked to a student during their academic life.

Student CHESSNs can be allocated by two methods.

  • The first is via HEIMS Administration, which allows you to issue one CHESSN at a time.
  • The second method is via HEIMS Web Services used to allocate a large number of CHESSNs at one time. Technical information on how to configure and use Web Services is available from the CHESSN toolkit.

Opens in a new window: HEIMS Administration is a free application. However, the setting up of HEIMS Web Services may incur IT support costs for your organisation.

The CHESSN toolkit provides further details on allocating and managing CHESSNs.

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