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Data requirements - Tertiary Admissions Centres

Reporting deadlines for Tertiary Admission Centres 2021

In 2021 the department will require a single data collection from TACs.

The table below provides details of the reference date and submission due date as advised by the Australian Conference of Tertiary Admission Centres (ACTAC).

Report Number Reference Date Submission Date
1 14 May 2021 - single reference date for TACs 28 May 2021

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2020 Reporting Requirements

There are small changes to the department's Web Services which allow Tertiary Admission Centres to report in alignment with the 2020 higher education data collection.

Changes have been made to:

  • Element 327 - Basis of admission - new values have been added to align with data reported in Course Seeker as part of the new admissions transparency platform produced in collaboration between the department and TACs
  • Element 493 - Highest educational participation prior to commencement has been replaced with the new E620 - Highest Attainment
  • The LoadApplicationsAndOffersSubmissionIn diagram has been updated to reflect the above changes

The element descriptions for the modified and replacement elements are in the 2020 New TAC Data element specifications.

The web services tech spec v1.10 is available for download and details the requirements for the 2020 University Applications and Offers Data Collection. The tracked version highlights changes against the current version 1.09.

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University Applications and Offers Data Collection

The University Applications and Offers Data Collection was established to make available standardised, comprehensive data on applications and offers for university places. The University Applications and Offers Data Collection is used for policy formulation and advice and will provide data for a range of reports to stakeholders and the public.
The data collection includes records for applications, offers and acceptances by domestic applicants for Commonwealth supported places in higher education undergraduate award courses.

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Pre‑2020 Web Services Technical Specifications

TACs submit data via web services to the department's web service.

The requirements for submission of Applications and Offers data are detailed in the University Applications and Offers HEIMS Web Services Interface Technical Specifications.

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