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Reporting of Commonwealth scholarships data from 2017

Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships have now been incorporated under the Opens in a new window: Indigenous Student Success Program. This gives universities greater flexibility in providing support and assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

The Indigenous Student Success Program (ISSP) is administered by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet through the Opens in a new window: Indigenous Student Assistance Grants Guidelines 2017.

As a result of these new arrangements, from 2017 you will have more options in how you can report Commonwealth scholarships. You can continue to report under the current processes and timing or you can follow the new streamlined approach:

  • Students can be included in your current half yearly submissions (you no longer need to report commencing scholarship holders within 15 days of the census date. The final dates for reporting these data are:
    • 31 August for scholarships approved in the first half year and
    • 31 March for scholarships approved in the second half year.
  • HEIMS entitlement requests will display an arbitrary limit of 20 study periods. This is an interim measure to ensure that data for eligible students is not rejected if a university decides to offer a new ISSP scholarship to a student that has completed 8 scholarship periods under Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships (or preserved Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships).
  • You will still need to manually monitor how many study periods are undertaken by preserved Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarship holders in order to complete separate ISSP acquittals, as those that have already completed 8 scholarship periods will need to be offered a new ISSP scholarship or will need to cease receiving a scholarship.
  • the department is also working to update system validations to enable students who received a Commonwealth scholarship prior to 2010 to be reported to HEIMS with an ISSP scholarship. We'll keep you informed of our progress on this.

Please note that you will need to continue to report Commonwealth scholarships offers by the existing dates:

  • 22 January for first half year offers
  • 15 June for second half year offers

Elements 526 & 545 and the Commonwealth Scholarships (CS) file scope document have been modified to clarify the reporting codes that apply from 2017.

Note there is no change to the codes you will use from 2017, just a clarification around the reporting of pre‑2010 and pre‑2017 scholarships.

If you have any questions relating to the reporting of your Commonwealth scholarships for 2017 please contact the team at HEIMS.datacollections [at] education.gov.au.

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