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eNews July 2018

New HEPCAT and HEIMS release

A new version of HEPCAT and HEIMS will be released to production on Thursday 12 July 2018.

The key changes to this release include the addition of two new elements to higher education providers Past Course Completions file to support the monitoring of the Research Training System. These are:

The new HEPCAT and HEIMS validations for these two elements are now available in the latest Release notes which are available on the Reporting with HEPCAT toolkit.

Please note that all providers, including VET and non-university higher education providers that do not offer Higher Degree Research awards will still need to install this latest version of HEPCAT, as you will not be able to report data using an earlier version of HEPCAT.

The Reporting with HEPCAT toolkit provides detailed instructions on how to install HEPCAT. Please follow the instructions for updating to the latest version of HEPCAT Application.

All HEIMS systems will be unavailable from 12pm AEST 11 July 2018 for the application update. The new version of HEPCAT will be available for download on 12 July 2018.

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2019 Course of Study and Campus submissions

We have received a number of enquires in relation to the next submission of the Course of Study File and the Campus submissions. The due date for both these files has been extended from 1 August 2018 to 1 January 2019.

There are no changes to the scope or structure of the files for this next submission. However it is optional to provide data in this submission on:

The reporting requirements for these files after 1 January 2019 is being reviewed as part of the "Transforming the Collection of Student Information" (TCSI) project and in light of work being undertaken on the Admissions Transparency Information Platform.

Further information on TCSI and how to stay up to date with this project is available on our TCSI Resources page.

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Updates to HEIMS Web Services test URL from 1 August 2018

To improve the test environments compatibility and consistency with HEIMS Web Service production environment the platform for HEIMS test will be moving to a new URL from 1 August 2018. We have updated the Web Service technical specifications to include the new test URLs as listed below are now available on the HEIMSHELP from the User guides and fact sheets page.

Function End Point URL
Real Time Student CHESSN Allocation https://app.heims.education.gov.au/heimstest/webservices.chessn/service.asmx
Batch Student CHESSN Allocation https://app.heims.education.gov.au/heimstest/webservices.chessn/batch/service.asmx
Real Time Student Entitlement https://app.heims.education.gov.au/heimstest/webservices.chessn/service.asmx
Batch Student Entitlement https://app.heims.education.gov.au/heimstest/webservices.chessn/batch/service.asmx

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Security upgrade to HEIMS applications from 1 October 2018

The department recently undertook a security risk assessment all of its systems. This assessment has identified that changes are required to update security protocols to TLS 1.2 for all HEIMS applications.

From 1 October 2018 these changes will affect HEIMS Online, HEIMS Administration and HEIMS Web Services. This security upgrade will also apply to the reporting of Commonwealth Scholarships and Tertiary Admissions data through Web Services.

For more information on how to upgrade to TLS1.2 please refer to the "HEIMS Applications Upgrade – TLS Guide" available from the Systems and Access page. Also the documents that detail the technical specifications to use HEIMS Web Services for CHESSN allocation and entitlement checks, reporting Commonwealth Scholarships and Applications and Offers collection by Tertiary Admission Centres have been updated.

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