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eNews August 2012

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Submission Reminder (icon)New Data Collections eNews (icon)

Submission Reminder

Submission Due - August 31
  • Student submission (for census dates between 1 Apr – 30 Jun 2012)
  • Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Forms (ECAF)
If you have no submissions to report for the dates listed please let us know at HEIMS.datacollections@DEEWR.gov.au.

New Data Collections eNews

Welcome to the new Data Collections eNews. Our eNews has been designed to offer you a quick preview to this month’s topics and reminders. Please take a moment to update your subscription preferences to ensure you are getting the information that’s right for you.

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Verification Reminder (icon)Why check your data? (icon)New Reporting Calendars icon

Verification Reminder

Verification of 1st half 2012 Student Data Commences 15 September.

Verification Reports and Coding Notes to help you through this process can be found on HEIMSHELP.

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Why check your data?

Over 180 people from around 95 providers attended our Quality Assurance Workshops. Attendees found out that quality assurance is simply checking your data. We talked about reporting profiles and how knowing yours can help reduce your workloads.

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New Reporting Calendars

Those of you who attended our Quality Assurance workshops would have received one of our new Data Collections Reporting calendars.

How do you get yours?

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Revisions - Take Control! (icon)Update to Element 392 (icon)Feedback on changes to Element 320 (icon)

Revisions - Take Control!

A new Enrolment Revision process will be released soon putting control into your hands and allow you to update enrolment information about your students!

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Update to Element 392

From January 2013 the Government will establish a single annual student course contribution rate for higher education students who study mathematics, statistics and science units. To find out how this could affect your 2013 data reporting visit HEIMSHELP.

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Feedback on changes to Element 320

The postcode of residential address collected in the University Applications and Offers Data Collection is used to identify socioeconomic status of applicants and inform the demand from students from low socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Make the most of MyUniversity (icon)Data Collections Training Sessions (icon)Feedback or Questions? (icon)

Make the most of MyUniversity

Will potential students be able to find your courses on MyUniversity? The data on MyUniversity about your organisation comes directly from you. If your data looks bad, you look bad.

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Data Collections Training Sessions

We are offering an Introduction to Data Reporting for providers on the 5th and 6th of September 2012 in Canberra.

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Feedback or Questions?

Remember you can always drop us a line if you require any support or have comments and feed back. Give us a call on (02) 6240 7487 or via email.

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