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eNews April 2015

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Verification of 2014 data commences this week

Completions Data

Do you struggle to verify your reports on time? Do you want to know the biggest tip to make verification easier? Unit of study and course completions data are due no later than 30 April. You can make verification a little easier by submitting your completions as soon as your data is ready.
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April key dates and deadlines

April Training

Are your students close to their HELP entitlement limits?

Our key dates and deadlines give you a snapshot of what’s coming up. Don't let late submissions affect your funding. Planning well is the key to meeting your deadlines with ease. Check out our April and May training sessions – what do your staff need? The final 2014 HELP entitlement calculations for FEE‑HELP and VET FEE‑HELP have been completed. Have any of your students exceeded their HELP limit? Check your output alerts!
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Final transfer of 2014 HELP debts to the ATO

Changes to the University Statistics team

The last transfer of 2014 students HELP debts to the Tax office commences this week. It is important to remember that data not submitted by the final deadline for 2014 will not mke this transfer and will therefore not be included on students tax assessments for this financial year. Check out our Reporting to the ATO page for all the details on when students HELP debts are reported to the ATO. Yew May Martin who has been the director of the Unistats team for the last 5 years is retiring from the public service at the end of this month. During her time at the helm Yew May has made a significant contribution to the analysis and dissemination of higher education data. This includes the development and release of uCube and the automation of verification processes. She has also been very influential in the early stages of the development of the new higher education datamart project. Yew May is looking forward to travelling the world and spending time with her family and we wish her well in this new exciting phase of her life.

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