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eNews April 2013

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Data Collections April eNews (icon)

Data Collections April eNews

What's coming up? (icon)

What's coming up?

We hope you all had a fantastic Easter break, with plenty of rest and lots and lots of chocolate, and are ready for the commencement of verification. April and May is a busy time on the reporting calendar. We have final submissions for 2012 data and the commencement of verification. Be ready and aware of your key dates.
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Final Verification is starting soon (icon)

Final Verification is starting soon

Time to check your data! (icon)

Time to check your data!

Verification Resources (icon)

Verification Resources

Data verification commences on 15 April. It is the last stage in finalising the reporting requirements and confirms the accuracy of data reported to HEIMS. For more information view our Verification user guide. Be prepared for formal verification. You don't have to wait. You can check your data now using HEIMS data view reports. Get started and be organised. Do yourself a favour and don't leave verifying your reports until the last week. Our Quality Assurance and Data Verification page is full of helpful information to guide you through the verification process.
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Student Entitlement Calculations (icon)

Student Entitlement Calculations

Release of 2014 Data Requirements (icon)

Release of 2014 Data Requirements

New webinars available soon (icon)

New webinars available soon

The FEE-HELP and VET FEE-HELP Student Entitlement Calculation for the final quarter of 2012 has just been finalised. Find out if any of your students have exceeded or are close to their HELP entitlement limits. A Ministerial Notice has been issued under Section 19-70 of the Higher Education Support Act 2003 on 27 March 2013.
This Notice describes the 2014 reporting requirements for the Higher Education Data Collections.
We have a growing range of online training material. Learn at your own pace in your own space. Check HEIMSHELP regularly for updates to training resources to make your job easier.
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Backing up your Database (icon)

Backing up your Database

Important information about your Encryption Key (icon)

Important information about your Encryption Key

HITS goes live (icon)

HITS goes live

Now that you have submitted your final 2012 data it's the perfect time to back up your HEPCAT database. For help with this process go to our HEPCAT user guide. The department cannot replace your database if it is lost, deleted or corrupted. Your encryption key must be securely stored at all times. It may not be copied or used by unauthorised personnel. Losing or compromising your encryption key can have a number of serious impacts. In our last eNews we told you about the new HELP IT system (HITS) which will replace the current VET IT system (VITS) from late May 2013. To keep up to date contact the department and request the latest newsletter.
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