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Update to VET FEE-HELP data requirements

An update to the 2013 Ministerial Notice for the VET FEE-HELP data collection was released on 18 December 2012. This will formalise the following changes to the VET reporting requirements for 2013:

Submission updates

Removal of the VET Electronic Request for Commonwealth Assistance Form (ECAF) submission from 2013.

This aligns the changes to the Request for VET FEE-HELP Assistance forms completed by students with the data reported to the Australian Taxation Office.

Please note: the final ECAF submission for 2012 must still be reported by 31 March 2013.

New Revisions Process

The new enrolment revisions process will enable you to directly update enrolment data that has previously been reported to HEIMS. There is no system change for the ER process as its file structure is the same as the EN file.

The VET enrolment revisions scope document provides detailed information on this process.

The revisions process has been available in 2012. It has been therefore formalised in an update to the 2012 data requirements.


There are some minor clarifications to coding notes. Details are included in the 2013 Data requirements and Change Control document.

Reporting Schedules

The date for the formal verification of completions data is now 15 May. This is to align the verification of VET completions data with the verification of the VET student data.

The relevant Data Requirements and Change Control documents provide the complete details of all changes for this update.

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