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TCSI Transition - June 2020

We want to extend our appreciation for your ongoing patience in these unprecedented times as we finalise the updated delivery and transition timeframes for TCSI.

As we have previously advised, the impact of COVID‑19, working from home arrangements and the resolution of some defects we have identified in our development of the new Student Entitlement Management System (StEME), have delayed our production release of TCSI into the second half of this year.

We expect to release an updated schedule and transition plan in the coming weeks. We will keep you updated on our progress on this.

What is ready to go in TCSI?

The TCSI capabilities for external developers page provides you with an overview of the functions that your systems will need to implement a TCSI API solution. The table sets out what functionality is currently available in our test environments, and which components are still in progress.

This information will help you to work with your software developers to plan your own testing and implementation for TCSI over the coming months.

We will update this page on an ongoing basis as each of the remaining components is delivered for testing.

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