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TCSI Analytics - June 2020

From 30 June, you will be able to directly access all your HEIMS data that has been migrated to TCSI through the new TCSI Analytics site. This will provide you with the flexibility to check and download all the data migrated from HEIMS at your own convenience.

The first release of TCSI Analytics includes the following reports:

The rules for migrating data from HEIMS to TCSI are set out on the TCSI resources page on HEIMSHELP.

The reports are in a similar format to the existing HEIMS Online reports. TCSI Analytics webinar held on Wednesday 20 May provides details on how you can navigate through this new environment.

The webinar is available from the TCSI Webinar Gallery page of HEIMSHELP. The TCSI Analytics user guide is also under development and will be available shortly.

If you find you need to update or modify any records when you are checking your TCSI data, you can use the current standard revision processes in HEPCAT to make any changes you need.

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