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SA-HELP News December 2011

Page updated 8 December 2011

The reporting requirements for SA-HELP data have now been included in the 2012 data requirements for the Student Data Collection under the Ministerial Notice of 11 March 2011.

The SA-HELP Reporting Diagram provides a summary of the reporting process for SA-HELP.

Reporting SA-HELP Diagram PDF (76.5kB)

The draft documents (see SA-HELP News November 2011) listed one new code on Element 490 – Student Status code. Feedback has identified the need for an extra code to identify separately "Courses of Study" and "Bridging Course for Overseas Trained Professionals". The new codes are:

  • 280 – Deferred all or part of SA fee for a Course of Study through SA-HELP
  • 281 – Deferred all or part of SA fee for a Bridging Course for Overseas Trained Professionals through SA-HELP
The first submission for 2012 (SA-HELP debts incurred January to June 2012) will be due on 31 August 2012. The timing matrix has been updated to include SA-HELP.
Also note that Element 547 on the Electronic Commonwealth Assistance File has been modified to include a new code for SA-HELP.


Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions for reporting SA-HELP PDF (453kB)

For more information about the Student Amenities fee and SA-HELP see: Support for Student Services.