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PRODA - June 2020

To access TCSI Analytics you will need to have your PRODA set‑up completed.

The PRODA guides provides you with a step by step explanation on how to do this, from Phase 1 through to Phase 3.

It's great to see that most providers are almost there with their PRODA set‑up. The final step of linking to TCSI is quick and simple. You just need to log into your PRODA account, navigate to your Organisation and add "Tertiary Collection of Student Information" as a Service Provider.

To help walk you through this process please refer to the PRODA guide – Phase 3.


PRODA roles will help manage staff access to TCSI Services. These roles include:

  • TCSI Analytics – Read: Provides read only access to TCSI Analytics
  • TCSI Analytics – Signoff: Provides the ability to sign‑off a verified data set in TCSI Analytics
  • TCSI Analytics – Verify: Provides the ability to verify a data set in TCSI Analytics
  • TCSI myHELPbalance Portal: Provides access to the myHELPbalance portal
  • TCSI Data Entry: Provides access to TCSI Data Entry

These roles are now visible and assignable. To assign these roles the director or delegated person will need to manually assign staff to a PRODA role by navigating to the Organisation Details screen and:

  1. Clicking "Members"
  2. Selecting the staff member to assign the attribute to
  3. Scrolling down and clicking "Attribute Delegations"
  4. Clicking "Delegate To This Member"
  5. Selecting the desired attribute and delegating it to the staff member

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