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Opportunity to check data

It is a great time of year to enhance your internal quality assurance processes with the opportunity to check your data. Remember you can submit your data at any time after the census date.

You can review your data at any time using the HEIMS Online Data View reports. The data available in Data Review reports are refreshed overnight, meaning that you will be able to review data submitted the next day after you make a submission.

Checking your data early can help you reduce your work load. When you check your data as soon as you submit you have the opportunity to implement any changes that may be required to data on your student systems. You will then be well prepared for the formal verification periods.

The department will continue to work on improving reporting functionality. This includes implementing a new enrolment revision process to give you greater flexibility and control over updating your data.

These improvements will assist you in enhancing your own internal data administration and quality assurance processes. Improved reports also provide you with increased opportunities for regular checking and revision of your data over the course of the year, rather than only during verification periods. As the daily information reports replicate the formal verification reports, this should help to reduce the number of revisions you may require during the formal verification period.

For more information on how to streamline your reporting processes please review the Quality Assurance Plan and Data Verification Framework. If you need more information contact us at HEIMS.datacollections@deewr.gov.au or on (02) 6240 7487.

February 2013 eNews | HEIMSHELP News

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