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New training videos

We are pleased to release our latest training videos. Together they comprise a valuable tool for data collection officers and offer help and guidance in submitting your data to the department through HEPCAT.

Our fourth training video in the HEPCAT Basics series, Submitting Data in HEPCAT, is now available. HEPCAT training videos are all under 10 minutes long and offer an easy way to prepare for your upcoming Student submission.

Our collection of training videos includes:

  • HEIMSHELP Video Tour
  • HEPCAT Basics – Creating a Submission
  • HEPCAT Basics – Importing and Exporting a Submission
  • HEPCAT Basics – Validating a Submission
  • HEPCAT Basics – Submitting data in HEPCAT
  • Enrolment Revisions

February 2013 eNews | HEIMSHELP News

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