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New Reports in HEIMS Online

Several new reports have been added to HEIMS Online as part of the latest HEIMS release. This includes a new Campus Records report and a FEE-HELP adjusted report. For providers approved to offer Commonwealth supported places, there are also five new reports that have been designed to assist with the financial analysis of HECS-HELP funding, future load planning and viewing data submitted to the department.

Campus Data View Report

This report will display data reported in a campus submission in the same structure as it was submitted. Only the first line of data will display for values of Element 580 - Areas of Study and Element 581 - Course Search Keywords. You may view the complete values for reported data for these elements by exporting the report.

This new report can be found under Data View – View records on the HEIMS Online menu.

FEE-HELP adjusted report

The FEE-HELP adjusted report builds on the current FEE-HELP detailed report. It displays information on any units of study for which the debt amount for a unit has been adjusted due to the student having insufficient FEE-HELP balance to cover the full cost of the unit.

Enhancement of HECS-HELP Detailed Report

The HECS-HELP Detailed Report has been renamed the HECS-HELP Student Status Report and has been enhanced to include the percentage of total EFTSL by student status and funding cluster details removed. These have been relocated on the new HECS-HELP Funding Clusters Report.

HECS-HELP Payment Status Report

This report provides details grouped by contribution liable status (deferred, paid upfront with discount, paid upfront without discount). Details include number of students, total EFTSL, percentage of total EFTSL, EFTSL by Work Experience in Industry (WEI), and dollar amounts.

HECS-HELP Funding Clusters Report

This report provides details grouped by funding clusters and funding sub-clusters. Details include number of students, total EFTSL, percentage of total EFTSL, EFTSL by WEI, and dollar amounts.

HECS-HELP Grandfathering Report

This new report provide details grouped by grandfathering clauses and non-grandfathering clauses. Details include total EFTSL and percentage of total EFTSL.

HECS-HELP Student Split Time Series Report

This report provides EFTSL values in a time series format (the current year less 5 up to current year) grouped by:

  • Student status (enabling, contribution exempt, contribution liable)
  • Grandfathering provisions (pre-2008 AAEC, pre-2009 maths, stats and science, pre-2010 education and nursing)
  • HECS bands
  • Payment status (deferred, paid up front with discount, paid upfront without discount)
  • Work Experience in Industry for which a student contribution can be charged.

The FEE-HELP and HECS-HELP reports can be found under the new General Reports tab on the HEIMS Online menu. Further information on using these reports will be available on HEIMSHELP soon.

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