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New HEPCAT Release

HEPCAT (icon)

The new version of HEPCAT will be released on Friday January 17 2014.
For this release you will need to download and install new prerequisites. If you need help updating to the latest version of HEPCAT see our Reporting with HEPCAT toolkit.

Please remember that the department cannot replace your database if it is lost, deleted or corrupted. So don’t forget to back up your database before the new installation. If you need help with backing up your database please see Part three of the HEPCAT user guide.

All HEIMS applications, including HEPCAT, HEIMS and HEIMS Administration will be unavailable on 16 January while the release is migrated to production. All systems will be back in action the next day, 17 January.

So what are the changes?

The main changes in this HEPCAT release are the amendments required for the implementation of the new OS‑HELP arrangements for study in Asia. These changes include:

The release notes will include a list of all new and modified validations to support this information.

The ECAF submission will also be decommissioned. This means that as of this release you will no longer be able to create an ECAF submission or view previously reported ECAF submissions in HEPCAT.

There are some minor changes to the University Applications and Offers submission to simplify the reporting of students who have not been allocated a CHESSN at the time of submission. These changes will also be reflected in the Application and Offers Web Services Technical Specifications.

In line with the recent Opens in a new window: Australian Government Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex and Gender, all student submissions will now accept the reporting of the code "X" to recognise individuals who identify as of indeterminate sex and/or gender.

Full details of all new HEPCAT and HEIMS functionality, including a list of all new and updated validations, will be in the release notes available in the Reporting with HEPCAT toolkit on the day of release.

Systems upgrade - .NET 4.5 and Windows XP

There are two key system changes to note in this release of HEPCAT:

  1. there is a software upgrade of .NET 4.0 to .NET 4.5
    • Please check with your IT team to ensure there is no impact on your systems from this update.
  2. Windows XP is no longer supported
    • From this release of HEPCAT, Windows XP will no longer be supported by the department. Please be aware that continued use of Windows XP may also make your computer more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. From April 8 2014, Microsoft will no longer offer technical assistance for Windows XP. This includes the automatic updates that help protect your PC.

Note that the software upgrade to .NET 4.5 will require you to re‑install the prerequisites when you download this latest version of HEPCAT following its release.

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