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Higher education providers Completions and Verification reminder

Sector notice 27 April 2018

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2017 Completions data is due no later than 30 April 2018

How does completions data affect me?

The department publishes data on your organisation's completions rates, including success and attrition so it is important to ensure your data is correct and complete.

Low completions rates from incorrectly reported data can reflect very poorly on your organisation.

This can occur when you have omitted, misreported or not updated the outcomes of courses and units of study once they have been determined.

Remember: As soon as you submit your last completions submission click "REFRESH" in your verification reports so that all your latest data is included in these reports.

Preliminary 2017 success and attrition rates

If your completions data is finalised by Monday 30 April we can provide you with your preliminary success and attrition rates for 2017 by Friday 4 May. This will help you ensure the data you verify by 15 May is correct.

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2017 Data Verification sign off 15 May

Verification is the most important event in the reporting calendar.

This is your declaration to the department that all of the data you have submitted for the 2017 reporting year is complete and accurate.

How is verified data used?

Verified data is used to:

  • reconcile your funding
  • publish information on your organisation
  • develop policy and manage programs

Remember: Changes to 2017 publication data are not possible after you sign off your reports.

What to look for when verifying data

The Checking and verifying your data toolkit provides you with a list of issues to check in your data when verifying reports.

The department is also reviewing your 2017 data. We will advise you of any additional issues you may need to address before you sign off your 2017 verification reports.

If you need to revise your data, our revision guides provide you with a step‑by‑step guide on how to revise each submission.

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Please email us at HEIMS.datacollections [at] education.gov.au or give us a call on (02) 6240 7487 if you have any questions relating to your completions submissions or verification.

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