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Transition to TCSI

Towards the end of 2018, you highlighted the importance of receiving detailed information about the transition to TCSI. We heard this, loud and clear, and have been actively working to develop a cohesive plan for this period.

The TCSI Team has developed a Journey Map which outlines the key steps to consider as you plan your transition to the TCSI solution. You can access the Journey Map on the TCSI resources page.

To facilitate a smooth transition from batch submissions to near real time reporting and to focus initial development effort on the high value, high volume data submissions, the technical solution will be rolled out in two releases:

TCSI Release 1 – October 2019

This release delivers the APIs and portal functionality to report student, reference and enrolment data. This includes:

  • higher education courses of study, courses, students, course admissions, units of study, unit enrolments, campuses and courses on campus
  • all VSL data groups

The APIs for these data groups incorporate the complete technical solution, including all specifications and swagger files, to support Release 1. The complete set of APIs will be available to test from mid-July 2019.

Portal templates for Release 1 files will be available on the TCSI webpage from the end of June.

TCSI Release 2

This release delivers the APIs for the remaining higher education submissions:

  • OS‑HELP, SA‑HELP, University staff, applications, preferences, and offers

We anticipate the remaining APIs and Portal functionality for Release 2 will be available towards the end of March 2020.

Reporting dates during the transition

As you consider how best to move to the new reporting arrangements from December 2019, you will have the option to:

  • report your remaining 2019 submissions and 2020 data using a TCSI compatible solution
  • report your remaining 2019 submissions using HEPCAT, and commence reporting 2020 data using TCSI as soon as you complete your HEPCAT submissions

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