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12 Dec 2018 - TCSI Element changes

The higher education and VSL audit papers opened consultation on changes to both collections.

Your responses and discussion with co-design contributors led to a draft which received further feedback at roadshows in June.

The finalised data framework and definitions are now available from the TCSI Resources page.

Those documents provide detail, but it can be hard to keep across what has changed in the collections. Here is a summary of the elements that have been retired, added and replaced.

Retired elements

35 elements will be retired from 2020, including:

  • Permanent Resident eligibility for HELP assistance (E390)
  • Postal addresses (E405, E406, E407, E409, E466, E467, E468, E568, E728)
  • Part 2 on addresses (E411)
  • Country and suburb name (E471, E486)
  • Total exemption granted (E385)
  • Previous RTP EFTSL & separation status (E460, E465)
  • Entry cut-offs, scores and criteria from the campus file (E497, E498, E523, E524, E537, E552, E729, E711, E555)
  • Areas of study and key words (E580, E581)
  • Credit transfer details (E562, E563, E564, E565)
  • Authorising offer for remissions (E543)
  • Scholarship variation code (E567)
  • Joint degree elements (E578, E579)
  • Course Commencement Date (E328)

New elements

New elements have been introduced to:

  • make student claims easier and improve payment accuracy (student support)
  • support the new reporting framework and program delivery
  • split out data that were previously reported as combined elements
Student support Administrative Split outs
  • Standard course duration (E596)
  • Course outcome code (E599)
  • UoS Commencement date (E600)
  • UoS Outcome date (E601)
  • UoS Year long indicator (E622)
  • RTP stipend amount (E623)
  • Commonwealth Scholarship amount (E598)
  • Effective from (E609) and Effective to dates (E610)
  • New delivery location elements (VET only)
    • (E625, E660, E678, E630, E627)
  • Course assurance indicator (VET only) (E619)
  • Country codes have been split from postcodes (E658, E661, E644)
  • Months split from years for reporting period and intake date (E666, E774)
  • Years split from prior qualifications in the Applications and Offers (E669 – E676) and Year Left School (E612)
  • Elements for revising first reported addresses (E659, E787 –E791)

Replaced elements

Elements have been replaced where their code values have changed significantly:

  • Disability (E386) with Disability code (E616) which now aligns with disability types collected by the ABS and AVETMISS
  • Tertiary Entrance score (E369) with ATAR (E632) and Selection rank (E605) to allow clear reporting of ATAR and bonus points
  • Highest participation prior to commencement (E493) replaced with Highest attainment type (E620) to improve clarity
  • Overseas student fee (E500) with CRICOS code (E597) to reduce duplication between HEIMS and PRISMS
  • HELP Debt (E414) will be calculated by the system
  • Offer year (E556) with Offer date (E705) to support higher quality data

Changes in data element definitions and how you report

  • Where we already know something about a student (e.g. they're an overseas student) we won't make you report 'not applicable' codes against other elements
  • We have removed leading and trailing zeros (except for code values)
    • no more counting the width of a value!
  • Decimals will be reported with a decimal place
  • Elements with a 'true/false' response will be coded with words
  • Codes/values that identify continuing students will no longer be needed
  • Dates will have a consistent format "YYYY-MM-DD" and will align with international standards
  • Coding notes have been updated to remove clutter and increase clarity and are now called "additional information to support reporting requirements"

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