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12 Dec 2018 - TCSI Development update

The first testing window is now open!

Your developers or software vendors can now test connectivity and consumption of the Application Programming Interface (API) endpoints.


What’s available for testing?

Your technical experts can now test how their solution works with 5 API endpoints, including all options/extensions. They are:

  • Courses of study
  • Courses
  • Campuses
  • Courses on campus
  • Units of study

This is also the first opportunity they will have to test against the solution framework including API calls and authentication.

If we get this right, we’ll be in a good position to roll out endpoints in 2019.

We will be having a webinar at the start of 2019 to share the results from testing.

What do I need to do?

This testing window is for developers building systems to interact with government. Testing of your organisations student management software or database solution will need to be planned separately with your developers/software vendors.

What if I’m a developer?

We welcome interested developers to register with us so they can test software solutions.

Please send your request to TCSI.developer.support [at] humanservices.gov.au and we can arrange access to various support tools including the:

  • Developer information pack
  • API Developer Portal
  • Developer Support Team

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