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Timing, scope, structure and elements - FAQ 03

03. Are there other deadlines I need to know? What other deadlines do I need to be aware of that are not included on the Reporting Schedule?

Yes, there are. The reporting schedules only outline the deadlines for your data requirements released under the Ministerial Notice for higher education providers or VET FEE‑HELP providers. For information about other deadlines and requirements under the Opens in a new window:Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA) please consult the Administrative Information for Providers (AIP): Student Support for higher education providers or the VET Administrative Information for Providersand associated guidelines.

Reporting schedules and calendars are available for each collection and reporting year from the main menus for each of the data collections on HEIMSHELP.


Need more help? HEIMS.datacollections [at] education.gov.au (subject: FAQ%20Feedback%20%22Are%20there%20other%20deadlines%20I%20need%20to%20know%3F%20What%20other%20deadlines%20do%20I%20need%20to%20be%20aware%20of%20that%20are%20not%20included%20on%20the%20Reporting%20Schedule%3F%22) (Email us)



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