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Data Verification - FAQ 03

03. When do I verify my data and why do I need to verify my data on time?

Before you verify your data you should check it; you can check your data at any time. Ideally you should check your data regularly as part of a normal quality assurance process. By developing the habit of checking your data after each submission, you will save time during the formal verification process.

The Higher Education Student Data Collection and the VET FEE‑HELP Data Collection are verified twice a year. The Higher Education Staff Data Collection is verified once per year.

You can find the timeframes for verifying your data in the reporting schedule for Higher Education and VET FEE‑HELP)

It is a legislative requirement for all providers to verify and sign off on their data by the deadline.

For more information about verifying your data, see the Checking and verifying your data toolkit.


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