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Error Message Error Type Validation Rule Element Validation Level Validation Type File

The Unit of Study HELP Debt is invalid for a student entitled to HECS-HELP discount

Warning If E490 (Student Status Code) is 201 or 202 and the year value of E489 (Unit of Study Census Date) is in the range 2012-2016, then matching records must have an aggregated E381 (Amount Paid Upfront) value that is 90% of the aggregated E384 (Total Amount Charged) or ≥ $500.00.

Matching records are identified by E313 (Student Identification Code), E307 (Course Code) and E489 (Unit of Study Census Date) in the Load Liability file. Values are truncated to the cent, and the validation allows a variance of +/- $1.00
E558 Level3 X-Record RL