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Error Message Error Type Validation Rule Element Validation Level Validation Type File

Incorrect E558(Unit of Study HELP debt) for student not entitled to HECS-HELP discount

Fatal If E490 (Student status code) is 110 111 201 or 202 and E489 (Unit of Study Census Date) is < 20120101;

Then for all records for the same E313 (Student Identification)/E307 (Course Code)/ E489 (Unit of Study Census Date) where the total E381 (Amount Paid Upfront) is neither 80% of the total E384 (Total amount charged) nor ≥ $500.00;

The E558 (Unit of Study HELP debt) must equal E384 (Total Amount Charged) – E381(Amount Paid Upfront).

Values are truncated to the cent, and the validation allows a variance of +/- $1.00
E558 Level3 X-Record LL