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Error Message Error Type Validation Rule Element Validation Level Validation Type File
E487 (Scholarship code) is for APA student but E358 (Citizen/residence indicator) is inappropriate Fatal For a record in the Student Enrolment File

IF E487 (Scholarship type) is 01

THEN matching records in the Student Load/Liability File must have a value for E358 (Citizen/resident indicator) that is one of 1, 2, 3 or 8

WHERE matching records have the same value for E313 (Student identification code) concatenated with E307 (Course of study code) and reporting year/period. Reporting year/period is matched by using E489 (UOS census date) in Load/Liability file against E415 (Reporting year/period) in the Enrolment File.
E487 Level4 X-File EN