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Error Message Error Type Element Related Fields HEIMS Logic File

E490 / E310 inconsistent with E529 (Loan fee) value, except for Table B providers

Fatal E490 E490, E307, E310, E381, E384, E415, E529

If E489 (Unit of Study Census date) is greater than 20190101, the record is not from a Table B provider, E490 (Student Status code) = 230 or 231, [E384 (Total amount charged) minus E381 (Amount paid up front)] is greater than 0, and the record in the Course of Study file matching on E307 (Course code) has E310 (Course of study type code) = 08, 09, 10, 13, 20, 21, 22, 41, then E529 (Loan fee) must equal [(E384 minus E381) multiplied by 0.25] +/- 100. (Uses Course of Study records with the first four digits of E415 equal to the first four digits of E489)