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Error Message Error Type Element Related Fields HEIMS Logic File
No discount can apply to Student: [incoming E313] / Course Code: [incoming E307] / Census Date: [incoming Census Date], Total Paid: $[total aggregated E381 amount], Total Charged: $[total aggregated E384 amount] Fatal E558 E307 E313 E354 E381 E384 E415 E488 E489 E558 If E490 (Student Status Code) is 201 or 202 and E489 (Unit of Study Census Date) is >=01012012 and <01012017; then for all records with the same E313 (Student Identification Code)/E307 (Course Code)/E489 (Unit of Study Census Date) combination, locate the sum total for these records for E381 (Amount Paid Upfront), E384 (Total Amount Charged) and E558 (Unit of Study HELP Debt). Using these totals, where E381 is < $500 and < 90% of E384, then the HECS-HELP discount is not applicable. E384 - E381 must equal E558. Values are truncated to the cent, and the validation allows a variance of +/- $1.00. SS; SR