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Error Message Error Type Element Related Fields HEIMS Logic File
An existing SA-HELP charged amount of <HEIMSTotalStudentChargedAmount> already exists in HEIMS for this student in <Year>. In combination with the incoming submission this would exceed the annual limit of <SA-HELP Annual Limit>. Fatal E384 E384 E527 If incoming record has E446 (Variation reason code) = 5 (add) or 2 (modify), then system must checks if the total sum of E384 (Total amount charged) from the incoming record & all active records in HEIMS (in the case of 2 (modify) don't include the record in HEIMS which matches the incoming record) for the calendar year is greater than the SA-HELP annual limit. If it is then fail the incoming record.
Calendar year refers to E527 (HELP debt incurral date) of the incoming record.
System locates records in HEIMS using Hep Code and E313(Student ID Code)
Active record in HEIMS is defined as a record that has not been previously deleted.