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350 PIR Course of study load


The aggregated EFTSL value for a course of study, summed across all units of study that meet the academic requirements for the course of study


Version: 5.0
First year: 2015
Last year: -
Field name: COURSE-LOAD
Element name: Course of study load

Code format:

Data Type: Numeric
Units: Numeric
Width: 2


00 Non-award course, Cross Provider program or OLA unit
01 to 99 EFTSL value expressed in tenths (e.g. 4.5 is coded "45")

Coding notes

  • Where a student is undertaking a course of study for which another course of study was a prerequisite, then the EFTSL for the first course of study should not be included as part of the course of study load.
  • This represents the total EFTSL that a full‑time student would consume in a course in minimum time, e.g. a 3 year course would consume 3 EFTSL (to be coded as '30' in the file) or a six month course would consume 0.5 EFTSL (to be coded as '05' in the file).
  • The value is to represent the aggregated EFTSL for all years of the course of study, assuming that:
    • the course of study is undertaken by a full‑time student; and
    • the student undertakes a standard program of studies.
  • If there are multiple entry points to the course of study (e.g. nested programs), the value reported is to reflect entry at the lowest possible point (i.e. without any exemptions being granted).

Input files

Provider Information Request:

  • PIR Course of Study (PCO)

Change History

Details of all versions of this data element can be found on its supporting information page.

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