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PIR Full-time and Part-time Summary report

How to read this report

Field Coding notes
Classification Value reported on Current duties classification type, level and increment code (E408 PIR)
Current Duties Term Value reported on Current duties term code (E507 PIR)
  • Where E507 PIR = 01‑60, display as '5 Years or Less'
  • Where E507 PIR = 61, display as 'More than 5 years'
  • Where E507 PIR = 99, display as 'Casual Appointment'
  • Where E507 PIR = 81, display as 'Probationary'
  • Where E507 PIR = 82, display as 'Confirmed'
  • Where E507 PIR = 91, display as 'Other Term'
Function Value reported on Function code (E412 PIR)
Highest Qualification Value reported on Highest qualification (E501 PIR)
Salary Range Value reported on Equivalent full-time salary range – current duties (E588 PIR)
Work Contract Value reported on Work contract code (E506 PIR)

Only codes 1 and 2 will be displayed.

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