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Don’t forget your completions!

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You are about to report your 2013 completions submissions – don’t fall into the trap. Even though it is now 2014 these submissions are for the 2013 reporting year!

Some providers are incorrectly naming their completions submissions with the wrong reporting year. If you are reporting 2013 data you will need to select the 2013 reporting year in HEPCAT when you are creating your submission. For example your first 2013 completions submission will be named:

  • Unit of Study Completions.2013.1.1
  • Past Course Completions.2013.1.1

Don’t worry if you have already submitted 2012 data in a 2013 submission – you can submit more than one 2013 completions submission.

Remember to check the scope guidelines for details of what data should be included. For example

Need some help reporting your completions?

Opens in a new window: Register now for our Reporting Completions webinar on Thursday 3 April 2014 (2.00 to 2.45 pm AEDT)

This webinar will:

  • help all providers to prepare for the submission of their unit of study and course completions
  • outline what data is included
  • explain the unit of study completion status
  • discuss common issues.

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