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480 On-line status code


A code which identifies whether a unit of study has an on-line participation component.


First year:2003
Last year:2004
Element name:On-line status code

Code format:

Data Type:Character
Units:Code (numeric)


00No on‑line participation
01Web Supplemented (participation on‑line is optional)
02Web Dependent (participation in face to face component is retained)
03Fully On‑line (no face to face component)

Coding notes

Web Supplemented:

Enrolled students can access information on units of study which is additional to that available in the university's calendar or handbook. The information may include course descriptions and study guides, examination information, assessment review, reading lists and other on‑line learning resources. The information is used to supplement traditional forms of delivery.

Web Dependent:

On‑line participation is compulsory for activities described below:

  • students must use the web to interact with the education content necessary for study
  • students must use the web to communicate with staff and/or other students
  • students must use the web both to interact with content and to communicate with staff and/or other students

Fully On‑line:

All interactions with staff and students, education content, learning activities, assessment and support services are integrated and delivered on‑line.

Input files

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Change History

​12 April 2001