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445 v1.0 Revised HECS amount due for half year


The revised HECS amount due for the half year for one enrolment in a course.


First year:1996
Last year:2001
Field name:REV-HEC-AMT-DUE
Element name:Revised HECS amount due for half year

Code format:

Data Type:Integer
Units:Numeric, right justified with leading zeros if needed


0000 to 9999Revised HECS amount truncated in dollars, with cents disregarded

Coding notes

Values less than 1000 must have leading zeros, NOT spaces. For example, 585 is to be expressed as "0585".

The amount reported is the revised amount for Element 414 (HECS amount due for half year) if previously reported.

Value may be "0000"

Input files

​Past Element

Change History

​20 July 1998