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405 v4.0 Appointment classification type, level and increment code


A code indicating the classification type and level for the job or position for which a member of staff has an effective substantive appointment and their increment level at the reference date.


First year:1994
Last year:1996
Element name:Appointment classification type, level and increment code

Code format:

Data Type:Character
Units:Code (numeric), right justified, zero filled


(i) Academic classification level and increment

001Vice‑Chancellor: Category 1
002Vice‑Chancellor: Category 2
003Vice‑Chancellor: Category 3
004Vice‑Chancellor: Category 4
005Deputy Vice‑Chancellor: Category 1 (Level 1)
006Deputy Vice‑Chancellor: Category 1 (Level 2)
007Deputy Vice‑Chancellor: Category 2 (Level 1)
008Deputy Vice‑Chancellor: Category 2 (Level 2)
009Deputy Vice‑Chancellor: Category 3 (Level 1)
010Deputy Vice‑Chancellor: Category 3 (Level 2)
011Deputy Vice‑Chancellor: Category 4 (Level 1)
012Deputy Vice‑Chancellor: Category 4 (Level 2)
013Level E
020Higher Professor (ANU ONLY)
021Higher Professor (IAS) (ANU ONLY)
022Professorial Fellow (ANU ONLY)
014Level D: Increment 4
015Level D: Increment 3
016Level D: Increment 2
017Level D: Increment 1
042Level C: Increment 6
043Level C: Increment 5
044Level C: Increment 4
045Level C: Increment 3
046Level C: Increment 2
047Level C: Increment 1
066Level B: Increment 6
067Level B: Increment 5
068Level B: Increment 4
069Level B: Increment 3
070Level B: Increment 2
071Level B: Increment 1
100Level A: Increment 8
101Level A: Increment 7
102Level A: Increment 6
103Level A: Increment 5
104Level A: Increment 4
105Level A: Increment 3
106Level A: Increment 2
107Level A: Increment 1

(ii) Non‑academic classification level

200Non‑academic staff outside award; generally junior, trainee or apprentice staff whose remuneration package is below level 1
201Higher Education Worker: Level 1
202Higher Education Worker: Level 2
203Higher Education Worker: Level 3
204Higher Education Worker: Level 4
205Higher Education Worker: Level 5
206Higher Education Worker: Level 6
207Higher Education Worker: Level 7
208Higher Education Worker: Level 8
209Higher Education Worker: Level 9
210Higher Education Worker: Level 10
220Non‑academic staff outside award: generally senior executives whose remuneration package exceeds level 10

(iii) No information on appointment classification (used only for coding information for casual staff)

999No information

Coding notes

Academic classification levels reflect categories referred to in salary determinations made by the Academic Salaries Tribunal and the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission. Where a local designation or a designation of a body such as the National Health and Medical Research Council is used, it is to be translated to an appropriate category. The primary basis of the translation is to be the member of staff's salary.

The "salary level" shown for Vice‑Chancellor, Deputy Vice‑Chancellor, Principal and Deputy Principal relates to the salary levels specified in determinations of the Academic Salaries Tribunal and the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission. Salary Level 1 indicates the lowest salary level.

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Change History

​31 May 1994