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403 Staff date of birth code


The day, month and year of birth of a member of staff.


First year:1988
Last year:1999
Field name:STAFF-DOB
Element name:Staff date of birth code

Code format:

Data Type:Numeric
Units:Code (numeric), right justified, with a leading zero if needed


000000Born before 1 January 1900
010100 to 9999**Date of birth in DDMMYY format, where ** are the last two digits of the year of birth

Coding notes

DDMMYY format:

  • 1st 2 digits ‑ Day sub‑field (eg 01)
  • 2nd 2 digits ‑ Month sub‑field (eg 09)
  • 3rd 2 digits ‑ Year sub‑field (eg 48)

Day and month sub‑fields must be coded 99 if information is not collected or not provided Year sub‑field data must be provided and must not be coded 99.

The following additional codes are used in DETYA datasets but are NOT to be used by universities:

999999No Information

Input files

​Past Element

Change History

​31 May 1994