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391 v2.0 Tuition fee


Tuition fee charged in respect of an amount of EFTSU being reported.


First year:1997
Last year:1998
Field name:TUITION FEE
Element name:Tuition fee

Code format:

Data Type:Character


00000 or all spacesTuition fee not charged, or the student is in a place fully‑funded by an employer
00001 to 99999Tuition fee charged for the amount of EFTSU reported, in whole dollars

Coding notes

The fee to be reported is the total fee charged in respect of EFTSU being reported in a record. This EFTSU will be in respect of a unit of study, a number of units of study, or a part of a unit of study, not a course.

The fee is NOT "fee per EFTSU", and is not a "fee per course".

Where the EFTSU reported in the record is the aggregate for a number of units of study, the value reported for Element 391 (Tuition fee) will be for the fees aggregated across those units of study.

Input files

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Change History

​21 April 1997