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388 Tuition fee per EFTSU applicable to a non-award course student


A value indicating the tuition fee per EFTSU applicable in the collection year to a student undertaking a non-award course.


First year:1996
Last year:1997
Field name:TUITION-NA
Element name:Tuition fee per EFTSU applicable to a non-award course student

Code format:

Data Type:Character


00000Not a non‑award course, or course no longer offered
00001 to 99999Tuition fee that is applicable per EFTSU

Coding notes

Blanks (Hex 20) may be used in place of leading zeroes.

The values to be reported will need to reflect the fees charged in the collection year. This will require data to be updated each collection year to reflect any changes in fees from year to year.

If the course contains no students for the current collection year, the value does not need to be changed to zero.

The fee to be applied relates to fee‑paying non‑award course students excluding overseas students.

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Change History

​11 September 1995