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382 v2.0 HECS amount prior to exemption - total


The HECS amount, prior to determination of exemption status, calculated in respect of student load for all types of units of study or part/s of unit/s of study for a course-enrolment, which are counted in respect of a half year.


First year:1994
Last year:1996
Element name:HECS amount prior to exemption - total

Code format:

Data Type:Integer
Units:Numeric, right justified, with leading zeros if needed


0001 to 9999HECS amount, truncated to dollars, with cents disregarded

Coding notes

This element is derived by multiplying the value recorded for Element 379 (Total EFTSU - semester) by the annual course contribution.

For all institutions except OLAA:

For the purposes of this element semester relates to each of summer school, semester 1 and semester 2 separately.

For OLAA only:

For the purposes of this element semester relates to each study period separately (i.e. the December study period before the start of the reference year, and the March, June and September study periods in the reference year).

Input files

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Change History

​24 December 1993