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368 Exemption/status institution code


A code indicating the institution or type of institution where the studies for which the exemption or status was granted were undertaken.


First year:1989
Last year:1993
Field name:EXEMPT-INST
Element name:Exemption/status institution code

Code format:

Data Type:Character
Units:Code (numeric), right justified, with leading zeros if needed


0001Not a commencing student
0001Commencing student but no exemption granted
1000 to 4999Institution code for a commencing student and exemption was granted on the basis of prior higher education studies undertaken at that institution in Australia

A commencing student for whom exemption was granted on the basis of:

8001prior TAFE studies undertaken at a TAFE institution in Australia
8002studies at an education institution outside Australia
8003work experience inside or outside Australia

Coding notes

The following additional codes are used in DEETYA datasets but were NOT reported by universities:

9999No information

Refer to Appendix A - Codes and Names Used for Higher Education Institutions.

Where exemption was granted on a combination of codes, then the code to be assigned relates to that code contributing to the largest part of the exemption.

Input files

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Change History

​22 August 1997